Residential Photography

Our Residential Photography known as Property Marketing ensures that
a property looks at its very best, with magazine quality photographs.


Our services include:
Enhanced Photography
Elevated Photography
Twilight Photography
360 Virtual Tours

Craig Stevens Photography specialise in residential photography or property marketing as its also known, making sure that when a property goes to market it looks it very best, with magazine quality photographs.

The interest is dramatically increased so the property will secure more viewings and subsequently will sell quicker.

Our complete residential marketing property photography service enables clients to stand out from the crowd when selling online, if you have a property in mind that could benefit from this service, then please get in touch today and we can arrange a suitable time to visit.

We offer this service to Estate Agents, Property Developers, Landlords, Businesses, and Private Sellers.  We cover Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Beyond. Contact us today for an informal chat.


Prices from £150
Approx 15 images
24 hour turnaround
Bulk bookings available

Our Enhanced Photography service offers the very best photography and lighting techniques to produce images designed to market a property at its very best.  This service typically will take around 2 hours at the home and then several more hours in the digital studio.

The process will involve lighting each room individually to really show the features of the property off, we like to think the finished result is magazine quality photographs.  They will absolutely stand out against the crowd of other properties.

We understand now that that individuals a marketing their own properties now, we can offer a ‘standard’ residential photography service.  The process is quicker and only use what light is available at the time, but the photos will still be superior DIY photos, but they will not go go through the same level of detail as the enhanced service. Contact us if you are marketing your own property for pricing.


The photos below show the difference between a traditional photo on the first row and then the enhanced photo underneath.  For a small investment you can dramatically transform how a property looks online, increase viewings and get that all important sale.


Prices from £50
Approx 4 images
24 hour turnaround
Bulk bookings available

We offer a unique Elevated Photography service is a fantastic tool for getting a whole new angle on property photos. Most properties would benefit from an elevated photo either to make it stand out from the crowd or to perhaps show show it off to its full potential. They can also be useful for showing the layout of the gardens or position of outbuildings on the site.

We use a lightweight system which extends up to 10 meters, which is higher than most residential properties.  Our system can be setup within a few minutes and by using a remote view finder we are able to get the perfect shot in high resolution which is ready for use on the brochure or website.

Elevated Photography is cheaper, quicker, and safer than using drones or UAV’s.  To use a drone for residential photography, permission is required each time by the CAA and drones cannot fly within 50 meters of buildings or people.


Prices from £75
Approx 2 images
24 hour turnaround
Bulk bookings available

With our Twilight Photography Service you can dramatically change the way your property is shown on websites and brochures.  Twilight photos of properties can be far more eye catching than normal day time photos simply because they are warm and homely.

Typically its larger properties or any property with a large amount of glass that can really take advantage of this added service.


Starting from £150
360 Photo tour of rooms
360 Video walkthrough

We do have one final service to help set your property apart when marketing it.  We are able to provide you with a full 360-degree virtual tour service.

We are also able to offer you a Video walk-through tour.  We will walkthrough your home with a camera on a Gimbal stabilizer, ensuring that your walkthrough video will flow smoothly.

Both these options will allow potential buyers to walk through your home virtually as if they are in your property.


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If you are interested in this service, then please get in touch for an informal discussion about your requirements.

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A few photographs to give you an idea on the sort of results you can expect from the Enhance Photography service.  Click on the images to enlarge them.